Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Productivity Not The Only Reason for Enterprise Adoption of iPad

There are more reasons than increased productivity to consider when formulating a business strategy involving iThingies.
People, and by “people” I mean your customers, your HR trainers, your employees, all regard iDevices and all things i’ish as a love mark, not a trade mark. No one can seem to find enough time to enjoy using their latest iPad or iPodTouch. And by “enjoy”, I mean doing real work, staying ahead of personal chores, and maybe having some down-time with a game.
Enterprises must consider how influential an Apple-inclusive mobile device strategy can be to its workforce and its customer base. Embracing the happier side of mobile computing is a sure success path to creating an enterprise environment that’s seen as forward thinking, lighthearted, and somewhat hip. And by “hip” I mean just a skosh more hipper than casual-dress Fridays.
I’m not suggesting enterprises change everything about their IT strategy to adopt and integrate Apple products. But I am saying that setting policies that rule in the use of personal or company sanctioned devices, be openly promoted and encouraged.
A progressive mobile device policy could sway recruitment success as well as employee retention goals. And setting aside all the positive benefits of embracing a love-mark, some of your employees will likely become hyper-productive while loving their work.
Just saying’ …


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