Thursday, 4 November 2010

Cloud Migration Made Easy

The latest technology announced today by Racemi now makes it fast and easy to move server images and applications from on-premises data centers to cloud computing resources like Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Rackspace and Terremark.

Racemi is a Silver sponsor at the upcoming Cloud Expo Silicon Valley , Nov 1-4, and will be at booth #110 showcasing how enterprises can reduce their cost and increase flexibility by using their own server images to quickly and easily transition data center workloads to, or from, cloud computing resources.

Racemi's easy-to-integrate OEM automation technology migrates server images regardless of underlying operating system, application software, configuration, or even the physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure.
The software uses image-based provisioning to enable the migration of server images between any machine type, physical or virtual, as well as on-premises and cloud computing implementations. It will even translate hypervisors to ensure that virtual machines work in the new cloud environment, such as converting VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V or Xen virtual machines.

"Racemi cloud migration software addresses the number one requirement from data center managers who are seeking to move workloads to clouds to reduce their cost and increase flexibility," said Lawrence Guillory, CEO, Racemi. "Our sophisticated automation software is the easiest path for OEMs wanting to add cloud capabilities to their offerings."

The software captures the entire "personality" of a physical or virtual server, including Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, applications and the storage and network configurations, in a single bootable image. This image has the ability to migrate to the cloud, while maintaining the personality and configurations of the original server.

Server images are created through live capture so downtime is avoided. Plus, the automation software automatically injects the correct drivers for the target cloud platform in the migration process.

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Aeldra Robinson said...

Our district has moved to Google Apps for our email, which also gives us the other Google products. We were immediately able to shut down our district email server. Now, we pay Google to back-up our email traffic. Thanks for the comment.
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