Friday, 22 October 2010

Telcos Charge After Cloud Computing

Telcos clearly play a major role in Cloud Computing. This role also puts to the lie any attempt to describe different types of Cloud as "public," "private," "enterprise," or "consumer."
Take smartphones, for example, which are now used by more than 100 million global users who get their calls and email, and access their cool apps, from satellites far above the clouds that transmit terabytes of information daily from increasing numbers of Cloud-based servers on the ground. The smartphone revolution is a clear example of a "public," "consumer" cloud.
Or is it? Doesn't business email comprise most of those messages? And don't those messages come from highly secured server environments, whether abstracted and virtualized or not? Surely all those smartphones are not sold to folks simply so they can get their onanistic jollies from games and restaurant guides, while receiving their personal Yahoo mail or gmail in the process. Right?
Among these terms, I'm not sure anymore what "private" means, anyway. Does it mean on-site? Does it mean corporate intranet? An enterprise supply chain? Sole ownership of specific third-party Cloud infrastructure, which actually wouldn't be Cloud at all?

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