Monday, 18 October 2010

Wyse Brings Mobility to Cloud Computing

Wyse Technology on Wednesday announced the launch of the Wyse X50c mobile thin client with PCoIP and a new, more powerful software system. Ideally suited for campus roaming access to virtual desktops, the Wyse X50c provides a flexible yet secure lightweight device that’s easier to manage and support remotely.
As organizations seek to support more flexible working with virtualized environments across campus office sites, they want to deploy clients without issues of securing, managing and updating individual clients. The current approach is to use normal laptop PCs, but those devices carry an inherent risk of data theft or loss. Not only is this not secure, it is also inconvenient for users to have to navigate the local operating system to reach their remote workspace.
The new Wyse X50c mobile client (based on Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux) is designed for simple and secure mobile computing in and around an office campus. Optimized for use with the leading virtualization solutions including VMware View 4.5™ with the PCoIP® display protocol, the Wyse X50c requires no hands-on management and automatically updates and configures itself based on network settings. Using Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux also gives enterprises peace of mind, as it is the only thin Linux distribution with a Microsoft patent cooperation agreement, making it a safe choice for enterprises.
The Wyse X50C is purpose designed for remote working and provides seamless access to personal workspaces. Weighing around 1.3 kg (3lbs), the device is built for high-quality mobile use with a powerful 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor, 29cm (11.6in) LED backlit screen, and up to eight hours of battery power.
Launching its latest enterprise Linux and PCoIP solution, Wyse is demonstrating its cloud client computing leadership through close collaboration with Novell, and thus giving customers the flexibility and support of the latest protocols (Citrix HDX, Microsoft RDP, and PCoIP used in VMware View) without the need for a Windows-based client.
"Our customers have loved being able to take advantage of the latest protocols like PCoIP without the labor intensive task of keeping PC’s safe and healthy," said Hector Angulo, Product Manager at Wyse. "With the new Wyse X50c, customers who require a mobile client can now enjoy the security and ease of management breakthrough benefits of Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux."
"The Wyse X50c combines simplicity, security and convenience in one very small package," said Vittorio Viarengo, vice president, End User Computing Products, VMware. "The combination of the X50c and PCoIP will enable IT to deliver the access to remote desktops users desire while being able to easily maintain control over their client infrastructures."

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