Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cloud and Mobile Will Remain Hot for Foreseeable Future

IBM developerWorks ‘s 2010 IBM Tech Trends Surveyreaffirms what we've all been witnessing this past year or so. The study says mobile and cloud computing will continue to dominate the Tech world when it comes to software applications development and IT delivery through 2015.
The report gathered inputs from 2000 IT developers and specialists from 87 countries who specialize in software testing, system and network administration, software architecture, and enterprise and web application development. It came up with the following results :
  • Fifty-five percent expect that mobile software application development for devices such as smartphones like iPhone and Android sets and of course popular tablets like iPad and PlayBook will overshadow development targeted at other types of platforms by 2015.
  • Ninety-one percent of respondents think cloud computing will surpass on-premise computing as the preferred and main way businesses get their hands on IT over the next five years.

Telecommunications, financial services, health-care, and energy and utilities were cited in the study as the top four industries with best opportunities for career growth. It is quite interesting that these segments are also notably some of the primary targets when it comes to expansion and deployment of mobile and cloud computing technologies. Concepts such as mobile banking, mobile broadband, electronic medical records and cloud-based energy management systems are rapidly catching on no doubt leading to fresh new revenue opportunities for the mobile and cloud sectors. The smartphone explosion accompanied by the need to access a plethora of content from the cloud be it games, music, video, social media etc has given quite a boost to this space as well. Incidentally another recent study along similar lines fromJuniper Research reiterates the same idea and estimates that the market for cloud-based mobile applications will grow 88% from 2009 to 2014. The market was just over $400 million this past year but by 2014, it would reach $9.5 billion.


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