Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Forrester Research says iPhone and iPad 'secure enough' for most businesses

That's a change from 2007 when the iPhone was not a recommendation from most of the IT firms, and many large companies posted a 'keep out' sign for the iPhone. Now Forrester Research in a new report says that the iPhone running iOS 4 and the iPad are 'secure enough' if companies implement the correct security policies and controls.

In the report, Forrester consultant Andrew Jaquith says the iPhone (and iPad) gives enterprises enough security options to enable them to say "yes" instead of "no."

Forrester still says the RIM BlackBerry still rules the roost as far as security goes, because it can be customized and security settings are more fine grained, but the firm add that the iPhones and iPad can be made very secure in an enterprise environment.

That's good news for Apple, and for companies who are seeing increasing pressure to integrate Apple products into their suite of tools. The full report is available to Forrester customers.

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