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5 Business areas best suited for Cloud Computing

5 Areas Best Suited For Cloud Computing

Businesses are shifting from the client-server model to the cloud computing model. There are still some concerns about the security of cloud based servers. Many IT analysts firmly believe that the benefits of using the cloud for certain applications will far outweigh its risks. The needs to store most of the relevant data and access it efficiently is the main driving force behind many companies moving to the cloud.

Following are the top 5 cloud applications being most widely used at present.

Cloud Backup

Some companies like Mozy are working to move businesses backup and disaster recovery data to cloud servers. Because of the presence of security concerns with cloud servers, businesses want to keep a back-up of their important data to avoid any unexpected turn of unforeseen events. The area of corporate cloud backup will continue to be sought after by companies for a number of years to come.

Collaboration Applications

Business firms have already been managing their email and PIM by managed service providers for some years now. Some of the most important areas of collaboration applications will be for: Email, File Sharing, Online Video and Voice Conferencing. The low costs of cloud computing will make easier for decision makers to consider implementing it.

Business Applications

Cloud based business applications provide tremendous opportunities to business firms to pay for what they have used. The Pay As You Go plan. Since companies don’t have to actually purchase the software, they have access to the latest solutions. The availability of solutions such as CRM, ERP, HR, and Finance and Accounting on cloud based servers means a decrease in up-front investment and other issues of in-house deployment.

Web Serving

The web servers, management tools, analytical and business software are moving to cloud computing. Cloud based web infrastructure and software will save you a lot of money. Enterprises corporations are already benefiting by the low price.

Employee Productivity Applications

Applications used for improving employees performance and better reporting within the office is another type of cloud application being widely used at present. This will be looked into by many new and old businesses wanting increased accountability and efficiency within the workplace.
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Roy said...

I believe that Visual WebGui should be mentioned when talking about putting business applications on the Cloud. Since Security together with the complexity of switching to Cloud are the 2 main obstacles to moving to the Cloud and Visual WebGui answers both as it allows a simple, easy to implement solution for moving applications to the Cloud an extremely cost-effective solution (compared to the alternatives) for moving legacy and Client / Server applications to the Cloud.

TriSys said...

The TriSys Recruitment Software product/service is a great example of a cloud-based business application. TriSys works with databases, e-mail and storage e.g. Amazon Web Services, SQL Azure, G-Mail, Microsoft BPOS, DropBox, Jungledisk and other storage providers.