Thursday, 8 April 2010

Ten Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need an iPad

1. You will end up doing more work... Sitting on the couch at home, in the stands at the kids ball game, checking in from vacation...

2. You will be more productive. Even at work you will get more done while your PC is rebooting, roaming the building(s), during lunch...

3. With Citrix Receiver you will have access to all the apps you need to do work from anywhere.

4. If you're an IT Admin you can get to any server admin console and fix any issues wherever, whenever.

5. You need to learn how to support the iPad before all the exec's get an iPad and demand IT support.

6. You need to test the iPad for security issues and recommend an implementation that meets the company compliance requirements.

7. Instead of a 2nd , 3rd ( or 4th ) display, you can also use an iPad while docked and set to a real-time dashboard app to monitor.

8. You will have a record of all the notes and tasks you take at meeting vs the paper notebook full of scribbles that you don't go back to.

9. If you're in sales you will be more effective at selling and closing deals. Any product demo will always be at your fingertips, pull it up and hand it to a prospect. You will always know if your product is in stock and have access to information to answer any question.

10. You won't be risking company assets or IP if you lose the iPad.

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Lee Clark said...

I amm so going to use this thanks Scott.