Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cloud Computing: Sharpen Your SAAS Smarts Before Committing to the Cloud

The cloud revolution has taken the software industry by storm, heralding wholesale changes in how applications are consumed and delivered.

As with prior shifts in the software industry, cloud computing has created new opportunities and shaken up the positioning of market leaders. The industry is again seeing a new game changer with companies like, NetSuite and Workday taking the limelight with their cloud-only SAAS (software-as-a-service) delivery models. Many software companies, or ISVs, struggle with how they should begin offering cloud versions of their products to customers.

While moving from a traditional licensed software business model to a SAAS model is by no means trivial, there is good reason to make the switch—the market is hungry for cloud-based software options, and the SAAS model offers significant competitive advantage to the ISV when implemented properly. In this presentation, Apprenda, which develops its own platforms called SaaSGrid, lists what companies should know when moving to the SAAS model.

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