Friday, 30 April 2010

Company to begin testing restaurant iPad POS system

Lecere will begin testing their iPad-based, Fully-Integrated Restaurant Management Software in a "major restaurant chain" this week.

The iPad FIRMS POS system, which can also be used with the iPod touch, offers a 90% savings on traditional POS systems and can be optimized to fit restaurants of any level -- form the individual restaurant to multinational chain restaurants, to hotels.

"Using those devices [iPad, iPod touch], along with a couple of standard ticket printers, brings the startup cost for the pilot to under $2,000," Lecere CEO Jim Morris said. "Contrast that with an upfront cost of about $20,000 to install a traditional, on-premises POS system with its heavy, non-movable POS terminals, printers, and back-office servers."

Ignoring the fact that the above video has the production values of a bad porno, the POS system on an iPad could easily take off, especially once you consider the cost savings over a traditional POS system. If any of you are restaurant dining this week and happen to see the FIRMS iPad POS system in action, be sure to let us know how the experience went and what restaurant chain you saw it at!

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Nikhil said...

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Athrunxala said...

It's great that more and more places are starting to branch out and use the POS software system. It's become such a convenient system to use, the applications for what you can use it for seem almost endless.

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Vova Gutman said...

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