Monday, 12 April 2010

Cloud Start-Up Tackles UK Climate Change

Entrepreneurs deliver cloud-based solutions to manage carbon emissions at low-cost

London, 9th April 2010 - Today sees the launch of CloudApps, Europe's first enterprise application vendor focused on climate change regulatory compliance and the management of carbon as a business asset. The company researched the market for 18 months, before piloting solutions based on customer feedback. It is now set to revolutionise the way companies across the planet proactively deal with their environmental impact.

CloudApps uses innovative cloud-based technology to deliver software over the internet, removing the need for additional on-site IT equipment. It has already attracted attention from major UK enterprises looking for a cost-effective way to manage carbon as a business asset, whilst ensuring they comply with EU regulations and the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment, which came into effect at the start of April 2010.

Globally, the carbon management market is independently estimated to be worth $380 million last year and to be growing at some 40% per year until 2017. CloudApps was founded and self-funded by a UK-based team of software veterans to address this fast-growing market, following successful careers at international software companies including Oracle, Siebel, and Deloitte.

CloudApps CEO, Simon Wheeldon, has executive experience at some of the most successful software companies in history, spending the last 4 years at building its business, helping grow Siebel to become the world's 5th largest software company and previously holding executive positions at Business Objects (now SAP) and Accenture.

Commenting on the launch of CloudApps, Wheeldon said: "Carbon management is a rapidly growing business issue. Using CloudApp's innovative cloud-based technology, enterprises can measure, monitor and engage with all their employees to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. By doing this they can drive significant cost savings, comply with climate change legislation and further enhance their brand. I am convinced this approach will make CloudApps a global leader in this exciting new space."

In the next 90 days, Cloudapps will announce its early customer and partner successes, as well as its first products and is actively looking for talented software professionals to deal with customer demand.

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