Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Apple tablet device is a computer, not a phone (we think...)

As most of you will already know, Mr Jobs is due to announce a new gadget today which is strongly rumoured to be a tablet based device with all of the connectivity the iPhone delivers using a 7-10" touch screen.

Strong intel suggests the device will be running iPhones OS version 3.2. if this is the case, then MobileIron's iPhone Device Management platform should support the tablet easily.

If the tablet is real and the device is a grown up (in size) iPhone then many Enterprise clients will see it as a natural alternative to bulky laptops and fiddly netbooks. With MobileIron, securing, controling and managing them will be a breeze.

The event begins @ 17:00 UK time with the big pitch starting @ 18:00. I, for one, want one already. Do you ?

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