Thursday, 7 January 2010

Introducing WebSphere CloudBurst 1.1

Introducing WebSphere CloudBurst 1.1

I've written numerous technical entries both here and elsewhere about the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance. The appliance is a cloud management device that is geared towards those enterprises that for a variety of reasons (security, privacy, performance, customization capability, existing investment, etc.) are looking to benefit from on-premise or private clouds. The initial version of WebSphere CloudBurst, released in June of 2009, introduced the capability for users to create, deploy, and manage WebSphere application environments in a cloud that they retain control over.

While that may seem straight forward enough, this can radically change the way users perceive their application environments. By using this appliance-based approach, users can achieve flexibility and agility because of instead of in spite of their approach to the creation, provisioning, and maintenance of application platforms.

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