Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Top 5 CRM Services Running In The Cloud…

One of the leaders of the pack. is known to be a market leader in CRM. It combines the best of business processes and technology that provides powerful CRM services. offers an array of CRM and business application services that allow customers and subscribers to systematically record and store business data. offers CRM solution to enhance the power and convenience of web for marketing, sales, and customer care tools needed for marketing and selling industry leading service. Its software also provides tools for managing and analyzing all the current and historical data and activities.

NetSuite Business Software: Accounting, CRM, Ecommerce, ERP, InventoryNetsuite offers a comprehensive CRM solution set with customization tools. What makes it as a comprehensive package is because Netsuite is an on demand service with all in one front and back office solution. One of its unique features is the real time analytics dashboard that provides easy to view role specific business information which is always up-to-date.

SugarCRM - The Cloud Is Open CRMSugarCRM’saward-winning applications offer a single system of truth for managing customer interactions across different lines of business. SugarCRM is an open-source software-solution vendor which produces the Sugar Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services is Microsoft’s online CRM that offers different plans for professional, advanced and enterprise level businesses. The web-based service gives more enhancement in customer service capabilities. It can automate workflow and provide analytics that helps to fill the productivity of business.

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maureenhaigh said...

When we were starting up our business, people were not convinced that a CRM solution
could help manage our business and client situations better. We worked hard to change
that thinking, educating our clients on the possible benefits of using CRM. So we've
ventured into trying the CRMs that are ahead of the pack. We've tried SugarCRM and
being an open-sourced application, it’s great budget-wise, but not without its quirks like
managing the application's version updates. Salesforce has its time tracking issues to
boot. Right now, we're into Worketc ( and as a cloud-based tool --it helps me follow thru with my workflow which is a combination of projects, billing, documents, time sheets, report expenses, calendars and more importantly, Gantt Charts. This is a CRM solution worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

We had worked with NetSuite Software which introduced many innovative tools for the best business to be held.
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