Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cloud Is Defined, Right?

At the end of the odd but intriguing movie Existenz, one of the primary characters looks at the other after killing a bunch of people and says "We're still in the game, right?" With the implication that you the viewer really don't know if they're still in the Virtual Reality game they were playing.

Sometimes, Cloud feels like that. I can just go "We're still in the cloud, right?" Here we are, it is 2010, the pundits have been hailing cloud for years, and yet there is still a vast gulf of understanding of what is the cloud, exactly out there. Recently I was involved in a Twitter conversation with Mike Fratto (of Network Computing), Andy Ellis (of Akamai), Lori (of F5, as am I), with occasional input from Dustin Amrhein (of IBM), Greg Knieriemen (of Chi Corp and the InfoSmack podcast), Vanessa Alvarez (of Frost and Sullivan), and Tom Petrocelli (formerly of IP.com) where it became painfully clear that it is indeed not at all settled. Not even amongst such an august group of individuals.

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