Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Keep Your Business Files Synced Between the Desktop and the Cloud [APPS]

Cloud-based storage and collaboration platform is launching Box Sync for Business, a new tool that will make it easy for businesses and organizations to keep their files on the desktop always in line with files on the cloud. Think of it as Dropbox for the Enterprise

Using the new Box Sync client (available for Windows now and Mac by the end of the summer), users can selectively sync files and folders to make collaboration easier between colleagues. Like Dropbox, folders you choose to sync with Box Sync will be accessible both on the cloud and on your desktop, and changes made in one folder will automatically be updated in the other.

This is a big step for Box, who over the last 18 months has really transitioned from a consumer-facing online storage company into a SMB-centric competitor to higher-level file server and storage systems, like Microsoft’s SharePoint. The desktop sync client completes that circuit, so to speak, by making the physical location of files less of a consideration.

Box Sync will be free for business and enterprise customers, and will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks. Later this year, individual and “Lite” users will get the feature too.

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M. Ortgage said...

It is great that box sync will be free for business and it will be avail to users in next few weeks.