Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cloud Isn’t Secure Because It Is Multi-Tenant

Cloud isn’t secure because it is multi-tenant. This is a weak argument that I’m tired of hearing. Here’s my short and sweet rebuttal to that position.

Your internal data centers are multi-tenant today, and you aren’t managing them as well as a public cloud is managed. I can hear you going “Huh?”.

Yeah. Unless you are a three letter agency or one of a handful of super paranoid (or regulated) commercial organizations, your data center is multi-tenant today. You have gaping holes opened so business partners can come in and help you make money, employees coming in from ‘dirty’ networks like their house, the airport, Starbucks, etc., vendors that service your applications and systems come in (physically and virtually), and who knows what else goes on.

How well do you control, isolate and manage each one of those additional tenants? Do you think it is 1/2 as good as what any of the top public cloud providers are doing?

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