Monday, 7 June 2010

Hybrid Cloud – The Green Future

Cloud adoption has been steadily growing over the years, but both in spite of and because of the economy, 2010 promises to be the inflection point of wide-scale cloud adoption.

Those companies that were unaware, or semi-aware of the cloud can no longer ignore the strong value proposition of access to previously inaccessible productivity tools; the ability to collaborate with teams, partners and customers; shifting focus from IT to business, and improving speed-to-market through instantly set up solutions.

The cloud approach brings very compelling benefits to companies, which is why it resonates so well. Under this approach, the software solution resides at the vendor's remote servers, rather than the customer's own servers, and is accessed via an Internet connection as a "service." Software configuration, upgrades, maintenance, and support are all responsibilities of the vendor; customers adopt a "pay-as-you-go" pricing structure, with monthly fees based upon actual use. Since they're now "renting" the software rather than "buying" it, companies have access to otherwise prohibitively expensive enterprise class technologies.

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