Friday, 6 November 2009

Cradle to Grave Smartphone Management for the Enterprise

There is about to be a sea-change in the UK Enterprise Mobility space. Apple's iPhone
- until now exclusively on O2 - will be available to Orange and Vodafone customers
in the next 90 days.

What does this mean to the channel ? Every Enterprise will now be considering a
move from their present mobile platform to iPhone and both Orange and Vodafone will
be pushing hard for them to adopt it.

However, neither of these operators (or O2 for that matter) can deliver a management
platform which secures, manages, backs up and controls the iPhone as well as all
 other major Smartphone platforms such as Windows Mobile, Symbian & Blackberry
(with Android and PalmPre coming soon).

We do. It's called MobileIron and it's available now from Cloud Distribution.

Q - Do you have Enterprise clients who are considering Apple's iPhone for corporate
deployments ? If so, we'd be happy to provide evaluation accounts for you to impress
them with the cradle to grave provisioning, backup, security and management MobileIron

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Introducing MobileIron

MobileIron is the only Enterprise platform which is able to provide 'cradle to grave'
device management across all of the major Smartphone platforms including;

* Apple iPhone
* Microsoft Windows Mobile
* Blackberry
* Symbian (in Beta)
* Google Android (Q1 2010)

Smartphones in the enterprise introduce new challenges not addressed by traditional
laptop mobility strategies.

High cost: The mobile expense line is exploding. Both the business and end users
 demand smartphones. Carrier costs are spiraling upward, and getting them under
control is a difficult policing effort at best.

Poor visibility: Any data on a laptop can also live on a smartphone. Companies lack
a clear view of their data and application exposure. Massive aggregate storage on
such easily lost units is a security timebomb.

Too many platforms: There is no industry standard for smartphone operating systems.
BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, and Android are all here to stay. Single
platform strategies will not allow companies to keep pace with innovation and end-user

Consumer-driven: Consumers, not IT, drive the smartphone market. As employee-owned
phones start accessing company data, security and privacy become a difficult balancing

The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform is the first solution to combine data-driven
central management of smartphones with deep visibility into real-time usage and
cost drivers. It is a simple-to-install appliance that plugs into your corporate
 network and lets you quickly gain control of your smartphone operations. Smartphone
data moves to the cloud, giving IT, finance, and end users full visibility and control
of smartphone operations through a central window.


Free MobileIron Partner trial

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