Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cloud-Based Email Archiving Provider Expands Partners

With the explosive growth of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, cloud-based services providers, managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs) and global system integrators (GSIs) are all looking for ways to enhance their suite of offerings. Further, many of these organizations have concluded that their on-premise and hosted email offerings are incomplete without an email archiving component. The LiveOffice Partner Program provides these organizations with feature-rich technology and the sales and marketing support needed to become successful resellers of hosted archiving solutions.

Recently recognized by leading analyst industry firm Gartner, Inc. as the largest provider of outsourced email archiving services in North America based on total number of clients as of yearend 20081, LiveOffice is expanding its partner program to better meet the evolving needs of its partner community. “Cloud-based email archiving is hot, and our enhanced program provides LiveOffice partners with all of the tools they need to hit the ground running,” said Jim O’Hara, vice president of sales and business development for LiveOffice. “As more resellers look to expand their SaaS offerings around email, our solutions provide unique value for them by creating a recurring revenue stream, keeping their margins intact and helping build their SaaS portfolio.” LiveOffice continues to ride the rapidly growing wave of interest around cloud-based email archiving.

The email archiving market, according to Gartner, grew by 25.7 percent in 2008.2 In addition, Gartner estimates that “the number of customers using [hosted] service providers for email archiving grew 59 percent in 2008 to reach 23,624 organizations, while the growth in the number of [on-premise] product customers grew only 26 percent to reach 29,092.”2 As more organizations look to migrate to cloud-based email (Microsoft Exchange Online, Google Gmail, etc.), the resulting market potential for hosted archiving is expected to grow significantly.

The LiveOffice Partner Program provides partners with instant access to its turnkey suite of email archiving solutions, while also providing the sales, marketing and technical support required to serve their clients. Working together with LiveOffice, partners are able to provide their clients with hosted email archiving solutions that meet a wide range of mailbox management, legal discovery and compliance requirements.
The LiveOffice Partner Program features:
  • Comprehensive SaaS Training: Partners benefit from a comprehensive training program designed specifically for them and their clients. From extensive technical documentation to online training videos, LiveOffice ensures that its partners have access to as much (or as little) training as they wish. 
  • Dedicated Archiving Specialist: Each LiveOffice partner is assigned a dedicated account manager to help them successfully market and sell cloud-based archiving. Each account manager is an archiving expert and brings years of specialized knowledge to their role. 
  • Easy Integration: LiveOffice provides API-level integration to facilitate simple and rapid incorporation of email archiving services into partners’ existing systems and processes. 
  • Cloud Start Marketing Kit: This kit helps partners jumpstart their pipeline building and marketing efforts with collateral, web copy, email marketing templates, technical documentation and more. 
  • Resource Center: The LiveOffice Resource Center is a one-stop shop for partners and their clients. This comprehensive online portal contains pre-recorded webinars, whitepapers, case studies and online product tours detailing the benefits of cloud-based email archiving solutions.
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