Monday, 29 March 2010

Dell Unveils Cloud Computing and Virtualization Solutions

Intelligent Data Management solutions will help customers facing unprecedented challenges storing and managing data

Dell on Wednesday unveiled Intelligent Data Management solutions to help customers facing unprecedented challenges storing and managing data transform that information into a strategic asset.

Applications for creating and consuming digital content, increased server virtualization, and computer-driven services are causing exponential data growth, particularly in unstructured data such as files, images and movies.

* According to IDC, at nearly 500 exabytes – or 500 billion gigabytes – the “Digital Universe,” if converted to pages of text and assembled into books, would stretch to Pluto and back 10 times. IDC estimates that the Digital Universe will double every 18 months.

* A University of California–Santa Cruz study shows 90 percent of data is never accessed after initial opening.

* According to an independent report from Forrester Research, Inc. published in February 2010, Controlling Storage Costs Amid High Growth, storage budgets have increased from 10 percent of the IT hardware budget in 2007 to 17 percent of the IT hardware budget in 2009.

* ESG’s 2010 IT Spending Intentions Survey shows the top five priorities for this year (in order) are: increase use of virtualization, information security initiatives, improve data backup and recovery, upgrade network infrastructure, and manage data growth.

This scenario creates three primary problems customers are struggling to manage: volume, access and protection. With this in mind, Dell’s Intelligent Data Management solutions, including comprehensive services and systems, will share fundamental principles based on:

* Integrated design: Common architecture and feature integration for predictable costs, almost limitless scalability and seamless management.
* Automated data management: Policy-based automation designed to seamlessly and transparently move and reduce data throughout the data tiers.
* Partnered ecosystem: Industry standards enable seamless integration with best-of-breed partners and technologies through Dell’s portfolio.

Dell designed its solutions to create new levels of access, availability and protection, while helping reduce and operating expenses. Dell’s initial data management solutions complement its EqualLogic, Dell|EMC and PowerVault offerings and address three critical storage technology areas: object storage, deduplication and unified storage.

Object Storage

Object storage allows the attachment of metadata, which is additional identifying information, to a file. The system then stores the object in an enormous, flat address space. Dell believes that the benefits of object storage will lead to widespread adoption of this technology for fixed digital content.

Today Dell announced its plans to deliver the Dell DX Object Storage Solution, designed to access, store and distribute billions of files or other digital content, from archiving to the cloud. The Dell DX Object Storage Solution uses a simple, self-managing, expandable and cost-effective peer-scaling architecture.

The Dell DX Object Storage Solution helps customers:

* Identify and retrieve information quickly by using metadata and affordable disk storage in a nearline setting.
* Automatically manage data from creation through deletion with a goal of reducing management by 50 percent. The platform is designed to meet data management and governance needs with automated policy-based retention and deletion and selectable write-once-read-many, at an affordable price.
* Employ multiple options for scaling capacity that can extend to billions of files and petabytes of storage. To help reduce setup and management complexity, the DX Object Storage Solution is self-healing, uses wizard-based setup and does not require LUNs or RAID groups.
* Avoid the cost and complexity of forklift upgrades with scalable storage investments that have the ability to seamlessly incorporate new technology. The DX Object Storage Solution is built on a flexible, peer-scaling architecture using industry standards-based hardware and integrated software in one end-to-end solution.

Dell is actively building an ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) to develop horizontal and vertical solutions around its object platform. As part of this effort, Dell is launching a solution development kit (SDK) for its partners. The solution uses an open HTTP interface that simplifies and minimizes the integration effort.

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