Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Amazon, Salesforce.com and Google Continue to Lead the Cloudsphere

Cloud computing continues to gain steam, and it has been some time since we first asked, who is gaining your mind share?

As previously noted in the 4Q 09 article, this list is a subjective impression of Cloud Service Providers (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) on the cloud computing radar.

As usual, large technology companies like AT&T, Dell, EMC, HP, Microsoft, Unisys, and others where cloud computing is a small part of their overall offering portfolio have been excluded.

So here is my list of the Top 25 Global Cloud Services Providers gaining mind share in the first quarter of 2010.

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), andVirtual Private Cloud (VPC)
2. Salesforce.com / Sales Cloud 2 (CRM), Service Cloud 2 (Support), Force.com (Development Platform), Chatter (Collaboration)
3. Google Apps (AppEngine)
4. Citrix – XenServer (Virtualization)
5. VMWare – vSphere (Virtualization)
6. Rackspace – Mosso
7. NetSuite
8. Rightscale
9. Joyent
10. GoGrid
11. 3Tera – AppLogic
12. Caspio
13. Zuora
14. Eucalyptus
15. CohesiveFT
16. Boomi
17. Appirio – Cloud Connectors
18. Relational Networks – LongJump
19. AppZero
20. Enomaly – Elastic Compute Platform (ECP)
21. Astadia
22. Bluewolf
23. Intacct
24. 3PAR
25. Elastra

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Ray DePena said...

Hi Scott,

I'm told imitation is the best for of flattery.

Thanks for the syndication of my article.



Unknown said...

Where is StrataScale on your list of cloud-based, automated managed hosting companies? Wouldn't you agree it's one of the top IaaS company's with its pedigree from Raging Wire?

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